I prepared this post in the hope that it will be remembered by many people.

In Webhard Mouse, new attempts were made and it was an opportunity to discover the various charms of the actors who participated in the work again.
The author of “The Gift of the Diary” is Choi Ran, who wrote “Black on the 14th.”
The 14th day of Diary Masin’s Gift is remembered as a highly acclaimed work, but the black film starring Song Seung-heon and Go Ara was criticized.
It was aired on OCN. As a fan of Choi Ran, I was very disappointed.
That’s why I was so excited about tvN’s mouse.
I’m sure that’s the right expression. Choi Ran seems to have completely removed the stigma he received from his previous work, Black.
In fact, I remember that Black was criticized more than you for directing Webhard at the time.
Anyway, looking at this mouse, it seemed like you’d regained your past reputation.
I’ve regained my sway.

I’ve written a lot of webhard broadcast reviews so far, and there are a lot of thriller genres.
It’s not a huge record in terms of ratings, but it’s certainly memorable.
Because tvN mouse had a special setting to break the existing cliche.
The first thing to notice is the actors’ passionate performances.

In webhard, even if the story is interesting, actors often fail to express their characters perfectly, reducing viewers’ immersion.
I wouldn’t have to tell you what kind of webhard it was, but I was really distressed when I was writing that webhard article, too.
I’m a human being, and I just can’t give you a good review of Webhard.
In that sense, Webhard Mouse gave us a chance to reevaluate actor Lee Seung-gi.
I think he’s the biggest beneficiary of this webhard.

Since Lee Seung-gi was a completely different character from his previous roles, I think the character Jung Ba-reum came to me more fresh.
Despite the emotional ups and downs in the character setting, there were a lot of parts that were immersed in the play with stable acting, so this eventually led to favorable reviews.

Lee Hee Jun, who was the opposite actor, was good at acting, so I think he fits his character well.
The most surprising character was Kyung Soo-jin.
I mean, to be honest, despite my long career in acting, I didn’t think I’d make a living.
In this webhard, I think he played a central role from the beginning to the second half of the play, creating a life story.

Kwon Hwa-woon, who plays Sung Yo-han, was also a prominent figure.
I’m not a big fan of the drama.
I wasn’t able to show much of it through acting, but as the episodes went on, it seemed to improve little by little.
At first, he thought he was a psychopath, so he acted like that, but later, he got goosebumps when he found out that Lee Seung-gi was the culprit.

Because he was a character who had no choice but to continue to compete with Lee Seung-gi, he was constantly mentioned after his death in the drama.
The sudden appearance in front of Lee Seung-gi at the warehouse was very impressive.
I think it’s a work that allowed me to see my potential for growth as an actor.

“Mouse” tvN’s fifth-highest ratings for Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

Personally, Mouse had a lot of disappointments in terms of ratings.
The delay in the second half and the frequent cancellation of the show affected the ratings.
But apart from the ratings, it’s undeniable that it’s a comprehensive story that’s written through double lines and other devices that make it easier for viewers to understand.
We call this a work of perfection, and I think many viewers will think similar to me, not just me.

If you look at the webhards on the subject of psychopaths, the main story is that the good protagonist confronts the psychopath.
That’s what most people say, including Voice, Model Taxi, and Arc Hall.
The mouse broke this cliche that used to appear on Webhards and evolved the subject psychopath into a psychopath gene.
By planting a device called brain surgery here, he completely deceived the viewer until the very end.

When I think about the early development, I think I’m following the existing cliche, but I’m telling a completely different story from the middle of the play.
I think the story of a psychopath who had human emotions through brain surgery has been completed, which has not been seen in other webhards before.

Most viewers think that the ending of the protagonist’s punishment of the wicked is a happy ending, and the reality is that so many webhards are portraying patterns of winding down.

When the webhard ending was like that, I used the word “Happy Ending New Start” when I printed out the headline.
I think it was hard to see the mouse because he had feelings for the character Jung Ba-reum.
In real life, he deserves to die.
When I saw Jung Ba-reum in agony and penance, I didn’t think that I was so relieved.

In the last ending scene, did Lee Hee-joon’s monologue punish him?
I’ve come to think of a message that says, “Or did you save him.
This Webhard is constantly asking questions.
Is it ever right to show what really happens around us with the previous question and punish it with evil for some crimes that cannot be solved in real life?I’m also asking questions about

I felt very 웹하드 사이트 bitter that the recently ended model taxi monster was asking the same question.
Because the fact that works containing these messages continue to appear is that the punishment of criminals and the treatment of victims are not improving in our society.
The mouse is clearly asking questions about this chronic problem.

That’s why I ended up reviewing the tvN mouse plot.
Personally, I would like to rate the webhard mouse as a website that allowed the Korean crime thriller genre to grow further.
I’d like to thank the staff and actors who must have worked hard for the sensuous production and perfect writing.
I look forward to your great work.

I prepared this post in the hope that it will be remembered by many people.
There were a lot of comments saying it’s scary, but it’s really fun.
If you like crime thriller genre, please watch TV replay.

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