Webhard. While the monster was playing, I was waiting for 11 o’clock and focused on the show.

It’s a webhard recommendation review I haven’t used in a long time.
After procrastinating, I finally write a monster webhard review.
I watched the first episode by chance and it was so much fun that I binge-watched it from episode 2. I want to compliment myself for binge-watching.
I didn’t know when I first started, but the more each episode went on, the more I became a webhard of my life and the ending was perfect.
So I was going to leave it on my blog, but now I’m writing.
It is a story about a missing murder in the background of Manyang-eup, Munju.
Lee Yu-yeon, the twin sister of Lee Dong-sik, who was the main character 20 years ago, disappears in the middle of the night.
With only ten fingers left in front of the house…And another woman’s body is also found that day with ten fingers cut off that day.
Police cannot find a clear connection between the two cases, so they consider it a separate case and investigate it.
Just in time, a mobile guitar peak was found next to the body of the ark, and Lee Dong-sik was identified as a suspect and questioned.
Park Jung-je, a friend of mine, is released by testifying to his alibi. That’s how the case remained unsolved for a long-term.
Again, Lee Dong-sik became a police officer and continues to seek his brother in Manyang-eup.
And regarding the case that Han Ju-won, a former police officer and father of the next police chief, was in charge of at his original Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency,
I come down to the universal police station to do some research. So Lee Dong-sik and Han Ju-won have their first meeting.
Manyang was scheduled to be redeveloped 20 years ago, but after 20 years since the redevelopment was canceled due to the murder, it is currently undergoing redevelopment again.
Only now, when the village is about to be revitalized, Lee Dong-sik and Han Ju-won find the white bone body in the reed field.
In addition, Kang Min-jung, daughter of Mangyang Super Kang Jin-mook, will disappear with only 10 fingers left as she did 20 years ago.
Lee Dong-sik and Han Ju-won, who find fingers in front of Manyang Supermarket for the first time…
And the man who sneaked it into the night was mobile…?!!!
It’s a story of a missing manslaughter that gradually emerged 20 years ago and continues today.
Monster Webhard has no one to miss because every character is certain and important.
As such, the writer seems to have set the narrative of each character closely.
Not only the main character, but also the supporting child actors are all good at acting, and among them, Shin Ha-kyun is really good at acting.
That delicate expression of emotion…Face tremors… breathing…It’s like you’re smoldering your wrinkles.
Maybe that’s why I was able to feel Lee Dongsik’s emotions in his face when he was close-up.
Actress Yeo Jin-gu has acted so well since Haepumdal and Hwai, so not to mention…
At first, he doubted and hated the move, but then he worked together in the second half and became a true partner for each other.
It’s also interesting to see a gradual change.
At first, Han Ju-won’s belief in prioritizing principles and Lee Dong-sik’s values collide.
It was frustrating why Han Ju-won hated Lee Dong-sik so much, but from his point of view, it seemed inevitable, so I wanted Han Ju-won to know everything quickly.
And the most impressive actor is Choi Dae Hoon, who plays Park Jung Je. I’ve seen him on a lot of webhards, and he’s familiar with his face.
I think you’ve met a life character here.
Should I say I stamped my eye?
I can’t help but look at the deer and feel anxious. I can’t help but rely on Dongsik.
Eventually, you come out of the past and repent for your mistakes.
Come to think of it, the narrative of all the characters was perfect, so I could concentrate more throughout the whole time.

And a solid script.Writer Kim Soo-jin…
As I wrote in the storyline, the second episode ends with a close-up of Lee Dong-sik putting his finger on the universal superplane.
It’s as creepy as the first ending of Sky Castle.I’m shocked.
What’s with the hell! Is Lee Dong-sik the culprit? !!!
From this point on, I began to question all the people of the world.And in the long-awaited seventh episode, the culprit is revealed.
The killer’s coming out this fast? If you think about it, the writer develops the case again like Act II.
Each action of the double-track characters was meaningful, and in the latter part of the play, the reasons for such actions are put together like pieces of a puzzle.
So the webhard I couldn’t miss to the end. While he was a monster, he watched and focused on the show while waiting for 11 o’clock.
Webhard told me to be quiet about focusing on my mom, but the last episode ended with two main characters telling me to be interested in the disappearance, and it’s so perfect.

Adult missing persons whose whereabouts are unknown in South Korea will be treated as runaways.
If you find a little clue so that they can 웹하드 사이트 return to their long-awaited family,
Please report it to the nearest police station.

The good will was clear and the people of Manyang now all seemed comfortable.
For the first time in my life, I even bought a webhard book Monster Secret Writer’s Note.
I was going to buy Blu-ray, but I decided to keep it with the web hard itself. In fact, it’s a secret that you didn’t have the money.
I read it completely two days after I received it, and it was definitely a book that revealed the writer’s ability.
The most interesting thing was the resumes of each person that the website couldn’t cover.
It summarizes the lives of the characters since they were born, and after reading it,
I could learn more about why he was acting like this.
And the writer organized it by time, so I was able to understand it once more while thinking about webhard.I think I bought a good book.
Anyway, the writer is amazing.
As everyone says, the webhard monster who was perfect for directing, acting, and OST.
If anyone has not seen it, I hope they can watch it’s a good idea.

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