Now, I think people are looking for jujitsu.

Hello, I’m Big Bang Jim Jujitsu.
The cold winter has already passed and the warm spring is coming.
I think it’s time for cherry blossoms to bloom on the street.
Can I see the cherry blossom festival this year? Hurry up and go back to Corona!
Spring has come on a great day to exercise! The number of people exercising in Big Bang Jim Jujitsu is increasing.
To learn the proper jujitsu, many people come from various areas such as Oshigu and Pajeonjupo from Achasan Mountain!!
Now, I think people are looking for jujitsu.
If you are interested in jiujitsu, such as Achasanjujitsu, Pajeonjitsu, Juspojitsu, etc., please contact Big Bangjjjjitsu.
Big Bang Jim Jisoo gets angry every Wednesday at 8:00. Nowadays, the popular jujitsu has a variety of techniques coming out of anger.
Especially leg rock!Leglock used to be dangerous and technology has disadvantages, so many love ?I don’t get it, but these days, leg rock technology is a disadvantage of leg rock.
If you hold the other person’s leg tight, hold the correct ankle grip, tie the other person well, and hold the other person’s leg tight, it’s much safer than you think.
So these days, they teach me a lot of leg rock during the angry time. Learning leg rock makes jujitsu more interesting.
Big Bang jiujitsu officials have their cell phones as a must for technical filming.
You have a great passion for technology.
It’s half past six because of Corona these days! Sometimes there are a lot of 주짓수 people and sometimes there are few, but there are a lot of beginners coming, so it’s time to pay as much attention as possible.
So technology has a lot of basic skills.
And Big Bang Jim Jujitsu has a secret weapon time and a squad time. Sparring for 1 hour and 20 minutes from 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday morning!
After that, I will exercise for 1 hour! This time is participated by people who really want to be strong players or ordinary people who want to be strong players.
Please contact the jiu jitsu leaders or the general public who want to be strong players in each region such as Achasan Jitsu, Pajeon Jitsu, Seoul Jjitsu, etc.
Engineer Chae Wan and Director Gracie Jujitsu Lee Barum from Incheon, who worked out together for a long time, also come and work out.
Elder brothers and sister who exercise together more than 10 years with my instructors chaewangi.
So many talented people are gathering in Big Bang Jim Jujitsu.
Isn’t the reason why we gather together to work out and learn with Chae Wan?
If you’re worried about the number of jujitsu, I recommend you come first.
There are a lot of counter-examples like the ones above, but those videos are literally amazing, so they may have become the talk of the town.
In addition, it seems hard to beat Gabby, the strongest woman, seriously, given that her opponent is Craig Jones, the world’s best grapher.
But this game seems to be for the best of fun. I’m more curious about Gabi’s blood testosterone concentration than the result of the game.
How interesting will the two players play this weekend?
I’ll meet you at the gym.

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