They added pearl weaves that are easily absorbed and elastic.

I’ve tried so many different uniforms, and I’ve made them.

It dries up quickly when I do the laundry.
It’s tough and light.
I like lip stops that don’t shrink the most.

I don’t want my uniform to stick to my body.
I’ve made some room for pants!

If it’s narrow like skinny pants, the fit is pretty.
It’s uncomfortable to exercise.
Studies have shown that when you wear multiple uniforms, you’ll find that you’re satisfied with the fit.
I made plenty of lip-stop pants that go well with summer uniforms! Hahaha!
On the right leg, there’s an ocean.
A cool whale is smiling!
The back of your left leg,
There is a whale fin swimming to move to a wider world.
When you put on your pants,
It’s a design that can show off the coolness of your calves!

Starting with the last reggae uniform,
It just happened to be Hwang Doo-hwan’s signature design.

It’s a normal pair of pants.
Both the front and back are ordinary uniform pants!
When you actually wear it,
I can’t explain the prettier feeling in words!
As I said before,
It’s a bottom made of lip-stop,

When you open your legs,
The groin part is not to be uncomfortable.
They added pearl weaves that are easily absorbed and elastic.

Size Chart Guide
Unlike normal coverings,
Hwang Doo-hwan’s Jujitsu suit is a perfect fit for Koreans.
I made my own size chart.

Please tell me your height and weight before you buy it!
There are four sizes, M0, M1, M2, and M3.

The robe is made of pearl weave, lip-stop,
All the details are 100% embroidered.

I rolled it and washed it to see the shrinkage rate of course.
The bottom of the lip stop has been reduced to fit the body.
Also, confirm that there is no fear of infection!

We made the bottoms with plenty of fit.
There is no major contraction, so you don’t have to worry!

For those of you who want to buy it,
Please leave your name and contact number.
I’d like to give you detailed instructions on how to you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us!
Thank you for your precious relationship.
Life stylist Hwang Doo-hwan and Jiu-Jitsu,
Jiu-Jitsu’s life will continue in the future.

Hwang Doo-hwan, Jiu-Jitsu Belt Badge! 주짓수 Currently, you can buy the last quantity of brown and black belts individually!!
Currently, you can buy 4 brown and 1 black individually!!!Thank you!! Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan and Doo Hwan.
Thanks to the support of so many people,
Last but not least, meet the limited number of Jiu-Jitsu belt badges!!!

It’s a must-have item! With Hwang Doo-hwan and Rayon Jujitsu tape in the new year!
Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan and Doo Hwan.Happy New Year!!!The distancing phase has been adjusted, so…
Hwang Doo-hwan’s Jiu-Jitsu Rayon Tape to keep your fingers safe from injury!

Hello, I’m Hwang Doo Hwan. Do you remember the cute Jiu-Jitsu goods made by Hwang Doo-hwan?
Jujitreo is waiting to accompany you and Jiujitsu Life!
We have the last two left.

Currently, the M4 size is out of stock, and the last one of the M3 and M1 sizes is left.Thank you for your support!Hi, how are you?
Sunset Beach is also looking forward to having a good time sweating with you guys!!!

It was Doo Hwan.

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