Oh Se-hoon, who played as Korea’s main striker in the World Cup

Yang Seok-hwan (LG), a “major player” who hit more than 20 home runs while using Jamsil Stadium as his home, reigned as the best hitter in the Futures League for two years in the business. In his first year, he returned with confidence that he had solved the problem of the pioneering that was pointed out as a weakness while maintaining his advantage, he bowed his head with the lowest batting average and slugging percentage after his debut.

After finishing last season, Yang Seok-hwan went out to find a solution with intense conversation with his fellow players. “After the season, I thought about the problems with the batting and the future improvement direction, and I asked a lot while training with (Chae) Eun Sung, (Kim) Hyun Soo, and (Yu) Gangnam. I prepared my thoughts and other people’s thoughts by sharing them. I think there is a big change myself. I feel satisfied that both my feelings and my coaches are going in a good direction. “

Last year, Yang tried to compensate for the shortcomings. So the advantages disappeared. In the batter who knows how to fly the batting in front of the batting point, he was regressed to the batter who could not do anything while trying to pick the ball.

“I think I was too conscious to show that I had to do what I could after I was discharged, but I improved the part that was pointed out as a problem. The Futures League is 70 to 80% in the direction I thought about, but the first group is not. “

“I’ve been told a lot about the change ball, being weak on the falling ball and not being good on the pioneer, I wanted to show that it’s changed unconsciously. I have to play aggressively in front of me, but I started to hit behind me to show it, and then my form broke and my balance got worse. “

Yang said, “Now I am trying to change my standing position for the center movement. I am going to reduce the stance and go forward. Until now, the speed of the batting is well, so I feel good. I changed my training method with the help of Chae Eun-sung and Kim Hyun-soo, who are masters of center movement hitting. He learned the central movement tricks with the so-called “long tee”.

The U-20 World Cup in Poland in 2019. The Korean U-20 team’s departure was unsettling: a 0-1 loss to Portugal in the first leg of the finals. However, Korea succeeded in reaching the finals by winning Argentina, Japan, Senegal and Ecuador in turn, starting with the South African War. It was the first time that Korean men’s soccer reached the finals of the 스포츠중계 FIFA (International Football Federation).

South Korea finished second in the 2019 U-20 World Cup, with clear reasons: The Korean Professional Football Federation has established the K-League youth system since 2008. The K-League team must operate U-18, 15, 12 and 10 teams, but for the new team, U-10 or U-12 teams can be operated for one year of professional membership. From the second year, all U-10 to U-18 teams must be operated.

The youth system settlement led to the 2019 U-20 World Cup runner-up; among the 21 players who participated in the tournament, 18 were from the K-League youth team.

“I’ve grown up in Ulsan’s Hyundai youth team since middle school, and I’ve watched the seniors like Giraseong who play in the first group. I could hear what I had to prepare for eating together and growing up to be a great professional player. I also took private lessons from my seniors. I’ve been working on the K-League and the training, and it has helped Ulsan to grow into a professional football player.”

This is the story of Oh Se-hoon (22, Kim Cheon-sang-moo), who played as a major striker in Korea at the 2019 U-20 World Cup. Oh Se-hoon grew up in Ulsan youth team and made his professional debut. After the 2019 U-20 World Cup, he participated in the 2020 AFC (Asian Football Confederation) U-23 Championship and led Korea to the championship.Oh Se-hoon always expresses gratitude to Ulsan for making him a professional player.

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