Try a lot of hotel massage.

It’s getting colder and colder. It’s snowing hard again today. Everyone, please be careful driving ㅠㅠ Do you remember the heavy snow recently? It snowed a lot, so it took me more than an hour to get to work in 30 minutes and I barely managed to get there. I had an accident because I was not good at driving, but I parked. It was a relief that there were no casualties because I hit it on the wall alone. No, there was. Because my back was twisted. ㅠㅠ I didn’t even have time to go to the hospital, so I was just working, but the pain seemed to get worse day by day, so I got a massage from Uijeongbu.

It is famous for Uijeongbu hotel-style massage, so reservations were required before visiting. I came to know this place by chance, and it was really nice. The elegant and luxurious exterior and interior of the building are welcoming you as if you were visiting a seven-star hotel. In fact, at first, I hesitated because I thought the price was too high.

When you go inside, you can see the inside of Uijeongbu Hotel Massage Shop. ^^ There’s a large, luxurious ceramic sculpture, and I can feel something grand. At the store, I could feel the calm classical music and the gentle aroma of aroma. Maybe because of this, I was able to stay comfortable because I couldn’t easily relax in my first visit.

To give you a tip, I recommend you make a reservation in advance, but when you go there, there are a lot of people, so you’ll have to wait for a long time if you just walk. Also, if you make a reservation in advance and visit, there will be a discount, so please refer to it.

Let me show you the menu, there were many different menus, so it wasn’t that difficult to choose. Everything I looked for was there. Especially, I heard that it is famous for Uijeongbu Swedish massage, so I kept looking at it because it was a special discount. But I came here to get a hotel-style massage, so I quickly picked it out.

In the dressing room, men and women were separated so that they could change their clothes comfortably. You can keep the clothes you wore in the locker and wear the maintenance clothes you prepared. There is also a shower room in Uijeongbu hotel-style massage parlor. It was attractive that I could wash up and go out after taking care of it. In front of the dressing table, there were basic cleansing tools as well as combs and hair 건마 care products.

It’s time to take a foot bath. It was separated from the other space, so I didn’t have to run into passengers. The chair was also soft, so I took a foot bath for 10 minutes, but I felt good because I wanted to treat the customer comfortably even at that time.

I finally came into my room. The room smelled of aroma for comfort. In addition, I thought this would be a real healing with the perfect care of my teacher. I hope you visit Uijeongbu hotel-style massage a lot, too! I highly recommend it!

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