Hold the collar deeper at the timing of the other person’s bridge.

I started jujitsu. Originally, it was supposed to start in May last year, but it was delayed by a year because of Corona.
So I only exercised at home, but it was hard to postpone it anymore, so I decided to register for three months after thinking a lot about it this time.

I’ve never done jujitsu properly, but I did judo and experienced nogi jujitsu while doing MMA for a really short period of time.
So I knew it was a hard exercise, so I thought I should build my body and basic physical strength before I quit the gym, so I worked hard at home three weeks ago.

I raised the number of chin-ups to 20 last year, and I decided not to dwell on the number of chin-ups, but to raise it to the dead.
In the meantime, I bought a weight vest 20kg because there was a limit to stimulation with my bare body. But I didn’t know it was this heavy, so now I only added 10kg.
And yet it was really hard. So he started to pull himself up to Deep Squat, which added 12kg of weight chin-ups and weight push-ups Bulgarian bags.

I felt like I was too busy to support my physical strength, and the harder it was to lose time to work out, but actually, I wanted to go to the gym more than that.
I’ve been struggling to boost my physical strength for about three weeks, and my condition has improved more than I thought. I feel like I’ve gained weight quite stably, and I feel much less tired than before even if I sleep for the same time because I take several nutritional supplements well.

But when it was time to register, I was scared. So I paid a week ago to register and decided to start this Monday. In fact, what I was going to do since last month was delayed, but now that I’m behind in April, I thought I couldn’t do it again.

So I trained for the first time this Monday. As expected, it was hard but fun. And I worked out in advance, so I didn’t have eggs all over my body even though it was the next day. Last year, my whole body suffered for a few days during a day of hands-on classes. I thought I was sure good to boost my stamina.
Nevertheless, wearing a mask and doing that hard exercise because of Corona, I can’t breathe, so I think I’m going to die after sparring.
It’s still my first time, so I can’t control the tempo because my body is not as weak as when I first trained in judo. If you do it, you’ll be more flexible and natural.

These days, I feel the importance of steadiness a lot. In the meantime, this exercise seems to make me feel the importance of it. No one is good at it from the beginning, but if you keep doing it, you get used to it and get used to it. Even if you don’t have to do well, you can keep what you will keep. There seems to be nothing that can’t be done.

But I came in to write down what I learned on the 123rd day of Jiu-Jitsu, and I wonder why you bring up all the thoughts in your head like a habit.
I’m talking a lot but I don’t have anyone to talk to. Is TMI being released into writing? I really don’t want to write and I don’t want to, but sometimes in this case, there are too many things to write, even though it’s confusing.

Anyway, I wrote eight paragraphs, and now I’m back to business.
1) Bridge defense: shifting center to prevent the opponent from sweeping to the bridge in the top position.
(If I hold the right collar of the opponent’s chest with my left hand in the tower, move my right hand and the center of my head to the right) – Head completely rammed.

Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t know the exact technical name or terminology yet, so I just sort it out.

2) In case the other person blocks with his knees when climbing up to the top from the side
: Guard pass from the side to the top at the right timing if the other person kicks his foot due to leg discomfort by pulling the other leg.

3) How to go up the mount when pressing the reverse side.
Grab my foot and cross my stomach like a snake wall and pass (I’m confused again after a few days)

I didn’t know where else the next day because I used a lot of core power, but fortunately, I didn’t have a big problem.

1) Hold both neck collars in the top position. Choke: Literally.
(If you hold the opponent’s right collar with your left hand, your right hand goes under your left hand, and the deeper you hold the collar, the better.)
Hold the collar deeper at the timing of the other person’s bridge.

2) Amba at the top position
Lift arms up on one side of the bridge with ambar or thigh to bend

And I did a short sparring like a guard pass in the standing area, and I almost died because I was tired. But it was fun.
As a result, I feel more lactic acid accumulated in my body than on the first day.

1) Caesars Sweep: Sweep in the mount state in the bottom situation
Unscrew the close guard and make room out of the shrimp so the other person can’t come to your knees?
Grab the opponent’s right breast with your left hand and put it on your lap. Push one side like judo, pull the other side, sweep.
When the other person has spread his legs a lot to hold out, push the other person’s knee with his right foot and sweep.

2) Kimura: I don’t remember the situation. All I remember is griping like riding a motorcycle.
Taking arms higher than 주짓수 the other shoulder

3) Triangle Choke: This was a glimpse of what I had learned in my previous experience.
As if you’re stepping on your right leg, your left leg is floating around your neck and your body is slightly diagonally oriented to the left.
Like sit-ups, the neck feels like holding your left leg with your right hand and tightening it with your right leg.
It doesn’t feel like an amba, it feels like a thigh tightening.

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